Dear Brothers & Sisters,


As some of you will be aware before our first official E.P 'Cast the first stone' was released there was in fact an earlier Virginmarys album entitled: 'Self Medication'.


Over the last few years due to the rarity of this lost album a small number of copies have popped up on various auction sites and online retailers and have been sold for insane amounts of money?!!!!!!..... While it's pretty cool that something we created long ago could be worth so much money we also know how much some of you guys have been wanting to grab a copy for yourselves legitimately....


In light of this we have decided to release the limited number of copies we've had left in our possession to you the fans as part of a special bundle offer we've created for £44.99 which will include: 

  • A 21 X 21cm signed + framed Holographic Self Medication poster (including optional personal message from the band) 
  • An 8X8cm 'Silent voice for loud words spoken' Vinyl bumper sticker 
  • An original signed copy of the album 'Self Medication'. 


Also because the sales from these items will be a major contribution to the making of the next Virginmarys album we want to include the names of everyone who purchases one of the bundle sets inside the artwork of the next record as a special thank you to all your on-going support!!!


Much Love


Danny & Ally